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Our partner companies are scaling with us. We are happy being part of a big family.


Our investment in Solarnetzwerk Hamburg is absolutely sustainable and climate neutral. We are convinced that renewable energies are the future. Due to our expertise from different industries, we bring in a diverse perspective. We believe in innovation and digitalization in the craft and energy sector. We are proud being part of this company and help making a positive change for our environment.

More information www.solarnetzwerk-hamburg.de

WISO-ENERGY by Montagenetzwerk GmbH

Our partnership with WISO-ENERGY by Montagenetzwerk GmbH targets the renewable energy promotion strategy. Craftsmen and people with depth technical and functional expertise are the key to successful projects.

More information www.wiso-energy.com


Voadz is a platform for social based solutions. Get a perfect match, get inspired, get motivation and get employee retention within your company and business. Vaduz has various state-of-the-art applications that help businesses to deal with their internal issues.